Meeting people to promote the Association

These days I am cycling through Iran.
I try to meet with locals specially NGOs to find a way to ...
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Facilitating our curriculum in Tehran

Today,Sunday, second session of our workshop in BEHESHT BARIN primary school
The first class was held from 8 to 8,45 ...
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Golestan national park campaign in Iran

In Iran one of the biggest problem is littering.  I was cycling in Iran and I found that we should ...
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Workshops in Iran

Our workshops in Iran has been started by Mohammad Tajeran. He is currently cycling through Iran to promote the ...
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Tajeran is ready to start cycling to promote WNT in Iran

Mohammad Tajeran is ready to start his campaign to cycle across Iran to promote the Association in Iran.
He is ...
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watering trees in hot summer days

In winter we took 500 very young students to the wild to plant 500 trees.
In summer time when ...
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Training facilitators in Tehran

Marcia Banks who is one of our board members and the one who write curriculum for our educational purposes, ...
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Working on social media management

Today after a long time finally I found a friend who is willing to take responsibility for all our social ...
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Our very first step

Finally we started our work
WE invited volunteers to facilitate the curriculum from 6 different cities of Iran in Tehran.
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Working on curriculum

We are almost done with curriculum and we are ready to start our pilot projects in Guatemala, Iran and Canada ...
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Interview in WorldRadio in Geneva

Here is the link to the interview in #worldradio in Geneva about the Association.