Projects Done By We Need Trees Association

Planting 36K Mangrove trees

We are planning to plant 36 K Mangrove trees in South of Iran in one of the coast in a city called Bushehr.
This project is under go at the moment.

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The last ride of Bamboo

Since Mohammad started his journey, he was using a secondhand Centurion bike. He called his bike Bamboo, as he was very interested on the way Bamboo lives. Very strong, very flexible and very usable.
That bike served him over 65 000 KM through 48 countries and the time was over for the bike. It was time to be retired.
The same time Mohammad was in Iran to learn about how the Association project can be applied in a country and was watching what was happening in Iran Zagros mountains.

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Tree Planting

I returned to Iran in December 2017 to work on the We Need Trees Association in Iran.
I began by doing 8 session workshops in various schools while other facilitators delivered
our 8 sessions curriculum to students, also in various schools.
After we finished with our 8 sessions of dialogue and workshop with the students, the Association organized a tree planting event where all the students we had worked with were invited to join and for each to plant a tree

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