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Golestan national park campaign in Iran

In Iran one of the biggest problem is littering.  I was cycling in Iran and I found that we should do something. I designed a campaign with another NGO in iran which promotes cycling in Iran called Tuesdays No Car. I invited my friends from different places in Iran to come and join us to clean up part of Golestan national park which is one the oldest Hirkani forests in the world. This forest
survived since ice age, but dramatically in danger.
Many of my friends joined and we cleaned up about 2.5 km of the roadside through national park.
We started with 7 people the first day and ended with 160 people on the last ( sixth) day.
We in the Association are working on Adam to promote him and also he is going to do some different actions concerning nature and basically trees and he will invite his fans to join him in his actions.


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