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Mohammad Tajeran

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ŮŽAbout Mohammad

I am a mechanical engineer who was born 1976 and currently living around the world, but originally from Iran.
I have been cycling around the world since 2006, following a dream I had for many years to see the world and its beauty in order to appreciate the life.

Since I started his journey, a project started called “ We Need Trees” which is an educational project to raise awareness and create love in kids heart toward nature.

Since December 2006, I have traveled 74 000 km through 53 countries and visited classrooms in over 263 schools on his way. ( by September 2015 )
In 2014 and after 8 years of doing this job he tried to set this association with support of 3 other Swiss citizens in order of building up a network around the world to educate kids in a larger scale.

Other Details :
  • name - lastname : Mohammad -Tajeran
  • birth : 15/07/1976
  • education : Undergraduate degree (Bachelors or Associate)
  • country : Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • city : Mashhad
  • join us : 02/12/2006

My Blog Post

Workshop in Tehran

Test of workshops


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Workshop in Allameh primary school

Yesterday I had a workshop in Allameh boy school in Mashhad ( My home city ) for grade 3-4. It has been quite a long time which I didnt have any workshops. I have been waiting for visa and couldnt ...

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It is very important for us to evaluate our facilitators and to provide schools with some advance information about the person who wants to visit school. If you are one of the only four different people who are directly involved to our educational project, please kindly leave your review here to help others to have a better vision of our program.

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