Marcia Banks, Secretary

Marcia holds a MS in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas. Classroom teacher for 18 years in US and Department of Defense Schools in Germany, followed by 10 years as a Primary School Science teacher / EAL / LS, Part time Vice Principal at the International School of Geneva, Switzerland, Marcia has been since 2010 a full time Vice Principal and Curriculum Coordinator at the International School of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.

Besides working a full time position, she: 1) since 2004, she plans and organizes the annual Foundation Pedagogical Day for the  International School of Geneva where the three campuses come together for a day of working with well known pedagogues, 2) since 2005, she runs the Odyssey of the Mind program, personally coaching two teams each year, and overseeing the program in Switzerland as the Association  Director for Odyssey of the Mind, Switzerland.

As a classroom teacher, Marcia was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science in 1990 and in 1991 the Phi Delta Kappa-Germany award for Innovative Teacher of the Year.