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Facilitating our curriculum in Tehran

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Today,Sunday, second session of our workshop in BEHESHT BARIN primary school
The first class was held from 8 to 8,45 am and the second one from 10 to 10:45 am and the third from 12:15 to 12:55
At the beginning, rules were reviewed
1) everyone wants to comment, raise hand
2) participate in the conversations
3)Not to jump in the conversations
4)Respect each other’s view
Then book “The Giving Tree” was read for the children and they talked about it. They talked about Tree’s personality, son’s personality and what the Tree did for him and what the son could does for 🌲
But the givingness was on one side and just the Tree sacrificed
We talked about how people not to be just a consumer of nature but duty to act
In these two sessions, I feel children look more close and friendly to the Trees and talk about keeping them safe .

By Matin Mohammadi

Mrs Matin is a radio presenter who volunteer this project. She freed one day of her work to be able to visit this school every Sunday morning.
Mohammad Tajeran

Kids write their name

 Facilitator : Matin Mohammadi
Bachelor of Theater from Art university of Tehran
Radio presenter and producer


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