Picture4Mohammad Tajeran

Mohammad is a mechanical engineer who was born 1976 and currently living around the world, but originally from Iran.
He has been cycling around the world since 2006, following a dream he had for many years to see the world and its beauty in order to appreciate the life.

Since he started his journey, a project started called “ We Need Trees” which is an educational project to raise awareness and create love in kids heart toward nature.

Since December 2006, he has traveled 56 000 km through 47 countries and visited classrooms in over 156 schools on his way. ( by September 2015 )
In 2014 and after 8 years of doing this job he tried to set this association with support of 3 other Swiss citizens in order of building up a network around the world to educate kids in a larger scale.

BehzadBehzad Sadeghi

He has over 30 years of experience as a consultant in both the technology and business ends of the software development industry in the United States and Iran. His experience covers areas ranging from software engineering, systems architecture, project management, quality management, sales, and raising capital to executive management, executive coaching, and coaching Agile teams.

Behzad has worked on software projects at such companies as Time Warner, Bank of America, First Data Corporation, Wal-Mart, Qualcomm, Bear Stearns, Canada's Magna Entertainment, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, and YouBet.com.
In the late nineties, Behzad co-founded rTrust Technologies, a digital signature company, where, over the course of five years, he took an abstract mathematical algorithm from a concept in the lab to a patented embedded-software product licensed to information security companies in both the US and abroad. Behzad helped raise over $5 million for the startup and was with the company until its sale to ICEsoft Technologies.
Behzad's current interest is in the application of Interpersonal Neurobiology to the discipline of business transformation. He has spent the last six years working on synthesizing a model for facilitating business transformation through teamwork in the Iranian software industry through combining elements of personal transformation, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Agile software development methodologies.
Behzad Sadeghi holds a degree in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

SamiraSamira Davarfara
Executive team / Coordinator

Samira is co-founder & CEO of Niyar institute is an artist and lecturer based in Tehran, Iran. She holds her undergraduate degree from Science and Culture University of Tehran in Visual Art, and received her Master’s in Design from the Art University of Tehran. She also completed the program at the   Iranian Cinema Society and received her certificate in Film Direction.

Davarfara’s experiences in Drama and Photography allow her to make work in a variety of media. Her first short film was featured at the Tehran International Short Film Festival in 2001. She has been a core member of the non-profit Iranshahr Photography Society in Tehran for the past 10 years where she has held many exhibitions of her work. She has also exhibited at Haftsamar Art Gallery, Iranian Art Forum, IranIPC, Noghte Gallery, Honar Gallery, Akskhaneh in Tehran, Iran. She has also curated exhibitions for venues such as the Art & Culture Institute in Tehran.

Outside of Iran Davarfara’s “ghahve khane” digitlarts have been exhibited at Saw Gallery in Ottawa, Canada, and at the Young Moderne Kunst, in Cologne, Germany. Over the past three years Davarfara’s work has been focused on issues around Iranian Womanhood, which has manifested as site specific urban performances Cologne, and Dom, Germany. More recent performances and installations of this series were featured in the Third Performance Festival and at the East Art Gallery in Tehran, Edinburgh festival and graphic gallery, London.


Picture1Adineh Abghari 
Executive team

Adineh is an attorney in law (member of the Iranian Central Bar Associations since 2002). She is specialized in international law, human rights and international arbitration and has worked as a lawyer, legal assistant and researcher in Iran, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands and UK.

Adineh has represented her clients before tribunals in civil and criminal cases in Iran and her international experience includes serving as counsel and expert at the United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Criminal Court and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. Currently, she works as a senior legal counsel at the Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre.

Adineh holds a LL.B (with distinction) and a Master in Criminal Law from University of Tehran and a MA in Criminology and Women’s Studies from University of Ottawa. She also studied international law at the IHEID in Geneva. During her studies, she was awarded prestigious scholarships from University of Ottawa, United Nations, Hague Academy of International Law, Canadian Research Chair and Davis Foundation.

Adineh is fluent in Farsi, English and French.