The mission of WeNeedTrees Association is to educate and build awareness of the importance of each individual’s role in sustaining a healthy environment through Love and Respect for nature. Love and Respect for nature provides Hope for a better world.
 The Association will develop resources for teachers and students to help with an understanding and appreciation of the importance of trees in our well-being and the well-being of the planet to sustain life as we know it.



 To build a multi-country association to further the cause of WeNeedTrees.
  • To empower individuals to take action based on the attitudes and values of Love, Respect, and Hope, through the universal symbol of a tree, a symbol of life and giving.
Association activities on our journey to address our aims
  • Develop educational resources specific to WeNeedTrees.
  • Develop stories around trees that can be used as vehicles for supporting philosophical discussions with young children, promoting the attitudes and mindsets for Love and Respect.
  • Develop events that promote the values and attitudes of Respect, Love, and Hope, centered around cycling and tree planting initiatives.
  • Build world-wide memberships, where members can form world-wide, common alliances.

Why trees and children?

Environmental degradation is affecting the planet’s social, political, economical well being, as well as our health. The longer we wait to reverse our global crisis, the more difficult it will be to make it right. 
In an effort to address our environmental challenges, we aim to create a shift in our thinking, to raise the consciousness of the young to a level that will empower them to do what is right for the environment.
We hope that each child will come to recognize that every action counts, and that they have an important role to play in changing our current situation.
We trust that they will come to respect trees for what they are and for the role they have on the elements that sustain life on earth: water and air, to include the plants and creatures that depend on the trees and upon whom we depend, indirectly.  We hope that the students will find trees that inspire awe in them and thus want to protect them.
We are optimistic that our work with the children will inspire the children to actively work for a greener future. Like a tree that began as a seed, that has roots in the soil, grows, matures, and reaches up to the sky, our work with the children may be the seed that grounds some of these children and allows them to reach high, to be the change agent that will address our current environmental challenges.  
We trust that our work will help students see that the state of nature and the state of humans are interconnected.

Our approach :

‘We Need Trees’ association is an environmental project aiming to make a positive difference through learning. 
We have organized workshops and courses in which we promote the use of practical ideas for volunteers to use when working with children.  In tandem, we have organized various activities that bring communities together for the benefit of inspiring us to create a greener and cleaner environment.


The funding for the Association will come from membership dues, sales of books on environmental issues, branded clothing, donations and proceeds from various events.



The Association is governed by its bylaws and will be managed by a board of directors and others who will volunteer their time, energy and talents.
To build on the success of Mr. Tajeran, the Association wants to develop country level organizations, manned by volunteers, to engage in dialogue and discussions with students in schools around the principles of Love, Respect, and Hope, and how these attitudes affect our actions. The values and attitudes of Love, Respect, and Hope are at the core of WeNeedTrees.
 The association is a volunteer organization and none of the directors or country level organizations will be compensated in any way.  All directors and country level volunteers are paying members.

Staff training:

In addition to workshops for students, we work with local facilitators to assist them in interacting in meaningful and productive ways with students in their area. These local facilitators are much more familiar with the language, culture and environmental issues of their country, so they can with greater facility offer their services in the local schools,  without incurring travel expenses.
 ‘We Need Trees’ association tries to create a network of environment-friendly-minded people from around the world, to help promote our need for trees, using “Adam” as a spokesperson. 
The facilitators will be given training in how to engage students in philosophical discussions, will be asked to read materials, will be given some basic teaching skills, and have access to some hands-on activities to use with the students.  
It is our hope, just as the tree is a symbol of hope and peace, that the facilitators will infuse a love for nature in the heart of the children, so that they will be ready to commit to protecting nature.


Use of Funds

The funds will be used to develop the educational material, videos, clothing and to support the any costs associated to the website development and it maintenance.

Our Strategy to start

In 2015, we begin a pilot project in Guatemala, Canada and Iran, developing country level teams. Concurrently we are developing a curriculum that can be led by facilitators in school.
Between now and September 2016, we re building up our membership and locating volunteers who might serve as facilitator in their home countries.