Adam-Final is a non-profit Swiss association based in Geneva, Switzerland, that was founded by Mohammad Tajeran in 2014. 
Mr. Tajeran has been traveling the world on bicycle since December 2006, and as of September 2018, has logged over 71,000 kilometers, while promoting love and respect for nature and emphasizing the importance of a healthy and sustainable environment for the well-being of mankind.  He does this by visiting schools, speaking and dialoguing with students, bringing out the tree as a universal symbol of life and giving. 
As of September 2018, Mr. Tajeran  has visited 205 schools in 53 countries and, with the help of students and individuals, has planted 2100 trees.  More can be seen about Mr. Tajeran and his adventures at his website, or on Facebook
Inspired by his travels and warm, welcoming receptions, he decided in 2014 to start a non-profit association to empower like-minded individuals to join him in promoting and continuing his work at the local levels.
This cartoon character is called Adam !! 
Adam is an inspired character who loves trees and his presence in our workshop can
help the facilators (facilitators)to interact with children simply and sincerely.
Adam also has a great presence in our product.



Mohammad Tajeran

Picture4Mohammad is a mechanical engineer who was born 1976 and currently living around the world, but originally from Iran.
He has been cycling around the world since 2006, following a dream he had for many years to see the world and its beauty in order to appreciate the life.

Since he started his journey, a project started called “ We Need Trees” which is an educational project to raise awareness and create love in kids heart toward nature.

Since December 2006, he has traveled 56 000 km through 47 countries and visited classrooms in over 156 schools on his way. ( by September 2015 )
In 2014 and after 8 years of doing this job he tried to set this association with support of 3 other Swiss citizens in order of building up a network around the world to educate kids in a larger scale.


Ronald Lee Banks
Vice President

Picture6Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Ron holds a BA in marketing from Southwest Missouri State University and a MBA from City University.

Ron has worked in the fast moving consumer goods sector in the US and in Europe. He has done international marketing consulting and is currently a founding & managing partner of two companies based in Geneva.

Ron is an adjunct professor and of marketing at a US university in Geneva. He serves on the executive committee of American Citizens Abroad and he is on the Board of Directors of ACA’s sister organization, the ACA Global Foundation.

Ron is also a member of the American International Club of Geneva and serves as a Club Vice President and Chair of the 4th of July Committee and the Corporate Partnership Program.

Benno Frauchiger


Benno is a mechanical engineer living in Switzerland. He is specialized on renewable energies and has been working in the energy sector for over ten years.

Convinced, that the bicycle is the most energy efficient  mode of transport he cycled in 2006 and 2007 from Switzerland to Australia, in order to visit his former host family and friends. This journey allowed him to closely encounter many different people and cultures on his way.

Since 2013 he is a member of the City Council of Berne and the Commission for transport and city planning, where he is committed to improving the conditions for cyclists in the city.

Holding an international skipper license for pleasure crafts he is a board member of the Boatsharing Cooperative Sailcom and enjoys sailing on the Swiss lakes as well as on coastal and offshore waters.

Marcia Banks

Picture3Marcia holds a MS in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas. Classroom teacher for 18 years in US and Department of Defense Schools in Germany, followed by 10 years as a Primary School Science teacher / EAL / LS, Part time Vice Principal at the International School of Geneva, Switzerland, Marcia has been since 2010 a full time Vice Principal and Curriculum Coordinator at the International School of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.

Besides working a full time position, she: 1) since 2004, she plans and organizes the annual Foundation Pedagogical Day for the  International School of Geneva where the three campuses come together for a day of working with well known pedagogues, 2) since 2005, she runs the Odyssey of the Mind program, personally coaching two teams each year, and overseeing the program in Switzerland as the Association  Director for Odyssey of the Mind, Switzerland.

As a classroom teacher, Marcia was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science in 1990 and in 1991 the Phi Delta Kappa-Germany award for Innovative Teacher of the Year.

Dr Jeff Wilson
Educational adviser


Dr. Jeff Wilson is CEO and Professor Dumpster at Kasita, an Austin-based company building small, beautiful and affordable urban housing. In his role as ‘Professor Dumpster’ he lived in a modified trash dumpster for a year on his university campus where he served as a Professor and Dean. Wilson’s work on sustainability, minimalism, and social experimentation has been featured in The Atlantic, USA Today, The View andThe Washington Post. Beyond dumpster diving, Professor Dumpster enjoys traveling – he has lived, worked and ‘couch surfed’ through over 60 countries on six continents. Wilson did post-doctoral work at Harvard and holds a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Canterbury.

Instagram & Twitter: @ProfDumpster

John Couper
Marketing / Social media advisor 

John-CouperJohn L. Couper, Ph.D. leads the Social Media Marketing project for We Need Trees. A native of the US, he worked in forestry and, for 10 years, was a Director of a wildlife conservation project in the U.K. He worked for years as PR and advertising professional and is an early adopter of online media, using it years before graphical interfaces and joining Facebook and other services soon after their launch. He recently innovated an online hub for academics. After a long and successful journalism career, he returned to academia to earn a Ph.D. in Communication. He has lived and worked in nations around the world-- including Kazakhstan, where he was introduced in 2013 to Muhammed Tajeran and the We Need Trees project. He is currently in Kuwait as a Professor of Mass Communication at Gulf University for Science and Technology.

Adineh Abghari

Picture1Adineh is an attorney in law (member of the Iranian Central Bar Associations since 2002). She is specialized in international law, human rights and international arbitration and has worked as a lawyer, legal assistant and researcher in Iran, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands and UK.

Adineh has represented her clients before tribunals in civil and criminal cases in Iran and her international experience includes serving as counsel and expert at the United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Criminal Court and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. Currently, she works as a senior legal counsel at the Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre.

Adineh holds a LL.B (with distinction) and a Master in Criminal Law from University of Tehran and a MA in Criminology and Women’s Studies from University of Ottawa. She also studied international law at the IHEID in Geneva. During her studies, she was awarded prestigious scholarships from University of Ottawa, United Nations, Hague Academy of International Law, Canadian Research Chair and Davis Foundation.

Adineh is fluent in Farsi, English and French.

Nima Nik
IT Consultant

nimaNima Nik is founder of Technonik, an IT consulting company in Sweden. He holds a Master Information Systems Management from Stockholm University and started working as a web designer and a computer technician in 2013.