Workshops in Iran

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Our workshops in Iran has been started by Mohammad Tajeran. He is currently cycling through Iran to promote the Association and in cities along his journey he visits schools to meet young students and talk to them about our work and importance of trees. He already has visited 3 schools … Read More

Training facilitators in Tehran

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Marcia Banks who is one of our board members and the one who write curriculum for our educational purposes, visited Iran on January 2018 to visit classrooms personally in 3 days. She visited 3 different schools in 3 levels and also she held 3 days of training P4C for our … Read More

Working on social media management

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Today after a long time finally I found a friend who is willing to take responsibility for all our social media tasks. Mehdi will continue his work with the Association from now on and will take care of all our social medias including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page and this website.

Our very first step

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Finally we started our work WE invited volunteers to facilitate the curriculum from 6 different cities of Iran in Tehran. We had a full day training to work on curriculum and also an hour online training with Marcia Banks in Geneva. we discussed about curriculum and how to work on … Read More

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