What is WeNeedTrees Association?

WeNeedTrees.net is a non-profit Swiss association based in Geneva, Switzerland, that was founded by Mohammad Tajeran in 2014. Mr. Tajeran has been traveling the world on bicycle since 2007, and as of September 2015, has logged over 57,000 kilometers, while promoting love and respect for nature and emphasizing the importance of a healthy and sustainable environment for the well-being of mankind. He does this by visiting schools, speaking and dialoguing with students, bringing out the tree as a universal symbol of life and giving. As of March 2015, Mr. Tajeran has visited 160 schools in 47 countries and, with the help of students and individuals, has planted 990 trees along side with students. Inspired by his travels and warm, welcoming receptions, he decided in 2014 to start a non-profit association to empower like-minded individuals to join him in promoting and continuing his work at the local levels.

Latest News


Working on social media management

Today after a long time finally I found a friend who is willing to take responsibility for all our social ...
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Our very first step

Finally we started our work WE invited volunteers to facilitate the curriculum from 6 different cities of Iran in Tehran ...
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Working on curriculum

We are almost done with curriculum and we are ready to start our pilot projects in Guatemala, Iran and Canada ...
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Adam is here now with us….

Adam is already created… He is going to start communicating with kids and present our curriculum to kids. He will ...
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